Battle Pods is a 4-player top-down space shooter. The players battle each other in low tech escape pods within the aftermath of a massive space battle. Not only to they have to worry about other players trying to shoot them down but also floating wreckage, asteroids and comets flying across the battlefield and the fact that escape pods were not built for combat.


  1. 4-Players
  2. Two-Types of Bullets (Missiles and Bombs)
  3. Impact Damage Based on Speed
  4. 4 Power Ups (Shield, HyperDrive and Extra Ammo)
  5. Two Types of Celestial Bodies (Asteroids and Comets)
  6. More to Come

Developer Notes

Battle Pods is still in Beta and has room for improvement, so we would love to hear what you think would make this game great.

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Battle Pods (Beta)